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Volunteer with The Hearth

We would love for you to volunteer with us! 

We do not currently have any age restrictions for volunteers, however, we may have to adjust volunteer positions based on safety. If you are a young volunteer or need verification of your volunteer hours, please contact us to make arrangements before your come to volunteer. The pantry is always closed the first Monday and Tuesday of the Month.

Mondays beginning at 9:30am; ending By 2pm

Volunteers should be ready to lift heavy boxes. We unload the truck and prepare the pantry for service the next day. Please wear closed-toe shoes and consider dressing in layers for comfort. Gloves may also be helpful if you have a favorite pair. 

Tuesday beginning at 12:30pm; pantry ends at 7pm; cleanup completed by 7:30pm

Volunteers will be matched with a task ranging from set-up, running a station, helping with intake, moving carts, helping with traffic control, bagging food items, or clean-up tasks. 

Groups of 3 or More

If you would like to bring a group of three or more, please fill out our contact sheet or call us at 937-903-9791 so we can plan accordingly.

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